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World Link Directory was built in 2015 and is owned and operated by Gary McDevitt. Since that first day we have worked to provide webmasters with a place that they can trust for their website marketing needs. Our goal is to give you a directory that is of the highest quality and to help you to grow your business. This is done by ensuring that only the highest quality of sites are listed in our directory.

We ensure quality of sites by a strict approval and editing process.. All directory submissions must undergo strict guidelines before they are allowed submission. A human editor checks every site that is submitted to guarantee that it is a legitimate website. No low quality sites are accepted. Once a website is deemed legitimate, it can be included but only with a quality written and informative site description.

If you are not a writer or would feel better having a professional writer to draft your site description, we can help you with that as part of your submission fee. We have a team of writers who can create a compelling description for your website that will gain the attention of your targeted audience. We continue to learn as the internet changes and we will always continue to adapt to those changes. We have worked witin online marketing for many years and can help you to include this ever important aspect into your submission so that your site is deemed reputable and relevant by our visitors.

Our directory includes categories for any niche from Arts to Business and Travel to Politics. Whatever your website is about, we have a category and a specific sub category. All of our categories are constantly monitored to ensure that they include only websites that belong in those topics. Sub categories allow us to organize our listings even more and ensure that all websites can be found easily by our visitors. Our goal is to keep our directory easy to use and to offer your site the best possible online exposure.

Not only do we evaluate each website but we evaluate site descriptions and titles to ensure that they are found in the right categories. Simple grammatical errors will be corrected so that your site looks more professional and our directory maintains it reputable status. Please note that as we continue to grow, we will add newer categories and sub categories to keep the directory organized and easy to navigate.

Back in 2015, Gary saw a need for a more organized directory, one that could benefit both webmasters and readers. Since that time, Gary and his staff have worked to ensure that the directory maintains its high quality standards, allowing only legitimate sites in and keeping everything organized and professional looking. Our site listings include everyone from small home businesses to mom and pop shops and all the way up to multinational corporations. We strive to make the directory a commonplace for webmasters and readers alike and will continue to do so years into the future as we and the internet continues to grow.


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